Community Food Co-op of Utah

All of my local readers need to know about this.  The Community Food Co-op of Utah is an organization that provides a monthly opportunity for people in Utah to purchase a share of groceries at a greatly recuded rate (made possible by bulk purchasing).  Although the primary focus is to make low-cost food available to those in need, they seem to do a pretty good job of getting food that is relatively local. 

The full share they are offering for the month of May at $21 includes 2 lbs. chicken thighs, (2) 6oz. top sirloin steaks, 2 lbs. pork spareribs (bone-in), 1 lb. lean ground beef (85/15), fresh fruit (3 varieties), fresh vegetables (5 varieties), Stone Ground’s whole wheat bread, and 16 oz. rice.  Not bad, eh?  They also offer half shares with fewer items and lower quantity and harvest shares that leave out the meat.

The great part is that not only can everyone join the co-op, but it actually benefits them and the community to have more people participate (regardless of income level).  This is because more co-op members means more leverage with bulk purchasing.  Also, the co-op requires that members give 2 hours of service to anyone outside of their families (including, but not limited to the co-op) for each month that they purchase from the co-op.  So, even if your grocery budget is doing fine you can serve the community and save some money while you are at it by joining the co-op.


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  1. Hi Brady – Jen here. Jonny sent me the link. Thanks for posting this info. We missed the deadline for the other co-op we were going to do. Have you done this one before? I’m curious what the volunteering is like…

  2. This will be my first month with this one. They recommend that you volunteer at least once with the co-op itself so that you get a sense of the community that you are a part of. However, the volunteering can really be anything you do for free for someone outside of your family. This can include babysitting for a friend, making someone a meal, or even church service.

  3. Beth and I were Very pleased with the co-op. You ought to do a post about it when you get a chance.

  4. Just you wait Joe . . . just you wait.

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