The Community Food Co-op of Utah Delivers!

Coop Share

So Saturday was co-op pickup day and check out what I got.  I couldn’t be bothered to arrange it beautifully, so all you get is a photo in the box, but check out my friend Jen’s blog for a more aesthetically pleasing experience.  As you can see, we got lots of great food.  The produce was quite impressive.  We cooked the pork spareribs on Sunday and they were phenomenal (I’ll take some credit for that).

Picking up the order was great.  I showed up at Centro Hispano in Provo and they had some tables set up with boxes of each food item.  They gave me a box and a list of what I was to take, based on my order.

 Coop pickup

I HIGHLY recommend that you try the co-op.  You won’t be disappointed.  June promises to be even better because now, in addition to the other shares, you can buy a Farmer’s Market share!  Apparently the co-op has a contract with a local farm that grows vegetables to organic standards (I don’t believe it is certified though).  A little bird told me that the farm is East Farms, which runs a CSA, but does not have a pickup in Utah County.  What a great way to get fresh local food.  These shares are limited so don’t put off ordering.  In fact, I’d probably better place my own order before I publish this post.


2 Responses

  1. I must know how you cooked the spareribs!

  2. It was actually pretty simple and you can likely find some fancier ways of cooking them than what I did. I just threw them in the crock pot, still frozen, and mixed up my own improvized thin barbeque sauce consisting of brown sugar, maple syrup, catsup, red wine vinegar, oregano, chile powder, thyme, ground mustard, black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, curry powder, just about everything else in my spice cabinet, and some water. I set it on high and then went to church for three hours. When I got home I tried to turn the meat over with some tongs and it split apart into a bunch of rib-sized strips–there was very little bone, but they still loked like ribs. I let them simmer for about another 30 minutes and then set them on a broiling pan covered with foil and put it under my oven’s broiler. Once the one side was nice and charred, I turned the pieces and gave the other side the same treatment. I also skimmed the fat off the juices in the crock pot and used what was left as a sauce for the meat and the rice we had with it.

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