. . . and we’re back

You’re not truly a blogger until you start at least one of your posts apologizing for not having posted in some time.  Well . . . I’m sorry.  The dissertation has taken priority.

Over the past month I’ve been a bit lax in the kitchen, but I did take a few photos with the intention of posting about what I was cooking.  Since I’ve fallen behind I’ll just throw them all in this one post.

First, about a month ago we visited the new Harmon’s grocery store in Draper near the point of the mountain.  Wow.  They have everything.  We got gelato from their gelato bar (good not great) and I bought a variety of olives from their olive bar.  The produce was varied and abundant.  I decided to try some organic golden beets.  I roasted them in the crock pot and then sliced them and dressed them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and chopped pecans.

Beets before

Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus.  I need a tripod (and a better camera).  The beets were great.  Some good feta cheese would have made them better.

We also had some fun with bacon recently.

Bacon Baskets

Bacon Baskets

These make for great BLTs.  I had to stick all kinds of toothpicks to hold them together.  A better way to do this would have been to leave the slices at full length instead of cutting them in half and weaving a 6 x 6 sheet of bacon.  The short pieces really wanted to come apart.  I also recommend baking the bacon on a rack set in a sheet pan since this will keep the bacon flat and will not require flipping (tempting the weave to fall apart).  The big sheet can then be cut into 4 sandwich size squares.


BLT Closeup

Yes, they did taste as good as they look.  I put a little blue cheese on mine.  You can’t beat the combo of blue cheese and bacon!

With this same meal I made some agua de limón, a.k.a. limeade.  For each serving combine a cup of water, juice and zest of one lime, about 5-10 mint leaves, and 2 tablespoons of sugar in the blender.  Blend it all up and then pour it through a fine-mesh strainer.  Serve over ice and garnish with mint.

Agua de Limon con Mint


5 Responses

  1. I want to reach right through my computer screen and drink your limeade. It looks divine. I will pass on the beets though, I still have bad memories of violently puking beets while I was pregnant with Ian. I went to the Provo farmer’s market on Saturday, and was disappointed how small it was! Have you been there?

  2. Does the weaving help keep the bacon in the sandwich or is it just a really efficient way to pack on maximum bacon? At any rate, it is beautiful.

  3. Weaving it and cooking it in the oven would leave the bacon flat and evenly distributed so it would fit nicely in the sandwich. And it’s just kinda cool anyway.

  4. Can you weave me a bacon basket?

  5. Can you weave me a bacon basket, please?

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